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It's your hard-earned money. You've worked hard for it. Therefore, you need to manage it correctly. You want to keep as much of it as you want. Let me help you handle the accounting side of your finances. 

To do so, I offer the following services:

Tax Preparation

Tax Planning



I know the struggle and the hustle it takes ...

I was raised by small business owners here in Hamilton. I know the struggle and the hustle it takes to be successful and earn a good living in the Bitterroot. I see lots of small business owners who are skilled in the trades or other professions, but they are not professionals in accounting. I can step in and fill that gap to give some guidance or time to help with the boring stuff.

Tax Preparation

By hiring a tax professional you can have peace of mind that your forms are filled out correctly. I double-check all the numbers prior to filing the return and will provide a copy to you for review prior to filing. I will look for and discuss any options to save you taxes from last-minute funding to your IRAs, Health Savings Accounts, or any other option we can come up with. I have 10 years of experience working with individuals and business owners like you, and I will commit to preparing your returns promptly and accurately. I have experience with business clients in construction, real estate, restaurants, medical, agriculture, and many other areas. For individuals, I have experience from simple returns, up to some complicated returns dealing with multiple K-1s, Investment Broker forms, Sole-Proprietor Businesses, Farms, Rental Properties, and just about any other form.

Tax Planning

Many times, tax planning can be overlooked and ignored because taxpayers are worried about additional fees from the accountant. However, many clients have found that a quick meeting in the middle of the year or some year-end planning
can end up saving them significantly more in taxes than they spend on the planning meeting. We can discuss anything from new purchases for a small business to finding the best retirement plan to put more money in your own pocket, and still provide you a tax benefit. For individuals these discussions can cover when to start drawing your Social Security, whether to fund a ROTH IRA or Traditional IRA, or what deductions are really tax deductible. With the recent tax law changes, fewer people are itemizing their deductions, so for many people medical expenses, real estate taxes, or auto registrations don’t provide any benefit, so why spend all that time digging for these receipts and tallying them up?


I am here to help with monthly or quarterly bookkeeping needs. I can help post & reconcile your bank and credit card statements, or just review and help you analyze the reports you have entered and tracked. I am always happy to help a new client learn how to use QuickBooks and set a plan to keep your records organized and usable when you need to dig for those old receipts. In addition to just entering and organizing your records, I like to help clients learn how to read the reports and understand what they mean. As you learn to understand the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss, you can start comparing your business year to year, and make a plan to expand your strengths and fix some of the weaknesses of your business.


I have worked with several clients in doing their regular semi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly payroll. I am set up to electronically file and pay any payroll taxes and forms that are necessary. I have several investment advisors in town that I work with to get clients set up with a SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, or 401k to get you set up to participate in these plans.

Joe J.

High Point Consulting

I’ve been using Travis as my business accountant for 3 years now and I absolutely trust him to give me sound advice and look out for my best interests when it comes to my finances. He runs his business with honesty and integrity which is exactly what you want from an accountant. I highly recommend him!

Trent C.

Corvallis Athletics

My real estate agent introduced us to Travis a few years ago when we moved to Corvallis. Switching to a new CPA is always stressful when moving to a new state. Travis made that transition as smooth as possible. He communicates well and is “dialed in” when it comes to knowing all things tax related. Owning a business and having Travis help in that area has also been very beneficial. Can't express how happy we are with him and wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

Irene C.

Corvallis, MT

Travis has been a breath of fresh air. He has made tax time and tax questions relaxing and easy for me. He answers my calls, returns my emails and voicemails in a very timely manner. My questions are answered and explained in a way that I understand. Travis has found ways to help me save money and make better business and personal financial decisions. He is kind and patient and takes time to address my concerns. Travis’s qualities as an individual and as a tax expert have put my mind at ease during tax time and when business and tax questions arise throughout the year. My decision to become a client of Travis Meuchel three years ago, has been a wonderful choice. Highly recommend.


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